integer, integer
Source: /avail/Avail/Foundation/Bootstrap/Fallible Primitives
Categories: Primitives, Numbers, Integers, Mathematics, Bits
Shift baseInteger to the right by shiftFactor bits. If baseInteger is negative then treat it as a left shift of the corresponding positive amount.
Position Name Type Description
1 baseInteger integer An integer to shift.
2 shiftFactor integer How many bits to shift right (or left if negative).
Returns (-∞..∞) ⎣_>>_ ÷ 2baseInteger
too-large-to-represent exception

Semantic restrictions:

baseIntegerType, shiftFactorType
Source: /avail/Avail/Foundation/Math
Strengthen the result type of right-bitshift.
Type Description
Parameter Types
baseIntegerType integer's type
shiftFactorType integer's type