<<>, any…|natural number>
Source: /avail/Avail/Foundation/Early Literals
Categories: Constructors, Sets
Construct and answer a set from the lexically specified expressions.
Position Name Type Description
1 elements <<>, any…|natural number> A tuple, lexically constructed by the compiler, whose elements should be unique members of the answer.
Returns set The requested set.

Semantic restrictions:

<any…|1..>'s type
Source: /avail/Avail/Foundation/Literals
If a lexical set is built only from expressions with statically well-known runtime values, then answer the instance type of the set that contains those statically known elements. This gives lexical sets of literals and statically well-known elements the same force as lexical literals, e.g., numbers and strings.
Type Description
Parameter Types
<any…|1..>'s type