The Avail Programming Language

The Great Method Finder

This is a wee-app... nay, a grand hunt of the elusive method that you have stalked for so long, the method that is going to look so good in your code.

Enter a method name into the input field below and see if there is a link to a page specifically for that method. You do not need to press Enter; just type the method name in the input field and the output will update automatically.

If the content of the input field names a method that is documented in the Stacks, then two hyperlinks are produced: an internal one and an external one. The internal link is only suitable for use on the Avail website itself. The external link is location- and style-agnostic, and therefore suitable for use in any HTML document.

If the content of the input field does not match a method documented in the Stacks, it will just give you stylized text.

Beware the ambiguities lurking about every corner!   👻

In other words… Some methods have multiple pages, one for each module that introduces the name. If you are looking for a specific implementation, go to the _Ambiguous page link provided to find your true quarry.

Happy Hunting!

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