The Avail Programming Language


Below is a list of many terms we use to describe Avail code and programming. Each term links to a glossary entry with succinct, practical definitions and explanations, along with grammar and example text if appropriate. Many of these entries are cross-linked with other glossary entries. Terms and concepts that have been explored in other content on the site will have links to that content, either within the body or at the foot of the page.

This list is growing as we speak, so please bear with us if there are broken links for terms that have not yet been added. There are probably quite a few!

Feel free let us know if there are terms that are not covered here that you would like to be added. Please note that this list is intended to be Avail-specific; terms which apply to programming in general have been covered extensively on other sites, including Wikipedia, so unless their usage with reference to Avail differs from their general usage, they will likely not be included here.