The Avail Programming Language


The Stacks (Avail API documentation)

This is the machine-generated API documentation for the Avail standard library. Whenever you need to learn what some operation is called or how it is used, just take a look in the stacks!  [read more…]

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

These are the frequently asked questions for the Avail programming language, along with some answers that are not entirely snide.  [read more…]


The Avail workbench is a graphical development environment for Avail. It enables you to load modules, generate Stacks documentation, and run entry points (i.e., programs). This manual describes its usage in detail. [read more…]

The Availuator

The Availuator is an Avail expression evaluator capable of running arbitrary expressions defined by the Avail standard library. Whether you are an Avail newbie or an Avail veteran, this is a great way to try out Avail code. [read more…]

Type System

Avail's type theory and type lattice. Though every effort has been taken to make this material readable and enjoyable, this is primarily a reference manual. It is definitely not light reading.  [read more…]


Programming-in-the-large using Avail modules. This is a comprehensive description of the features of modules.  [read more…]

Unicode Cheat Sheet

Avail uses numerous non-ASCII characters in its type names and messages. It is strongly recommended that an Avail programmer procure an editor which 1) supports Unicode and 2) supports code templates (so that easy-to-type sequences can be transformed into Unicode characters). But if you need to do some programming and don't have access to such an editor, then this cheat sheet should do in a pinch.  [read more…]

The Great Method Finder

The names of Avail's methods are way more complex than the web readily allows, so we resort to hashing them in order to provide web-friendly, unambiguous URLs. But this also makes it impossible for a human to intuit the correct URL of the method they want to hyperlink in a blog post. This simple web app converts method names to styled hyperlinks that are ready for embedding in the web document of your choice.  [read more…]