The Avail Programming Language


The Avail team would like to express its heartfelt gratitude to those organizations and individuals without whose efforts the Avail project might eventually prove too onerous to bear.

Top billing goes to the world-class integrated development environment Eclipse, flagship product of the Eclipse Foundation. Eclipse has been the team's IDE of choice ever since the Avail project was migrated from Smalltalk to Java. Its combination of features and stability make it a first-rate platform. We owe so much productivity to this fine product.
Graphviz is open-source graph visualization software. Most of the graphs on this site, especially the graphs of the type system, were produced by dot, the Graphviz generator for directed graphs. It is a superb tool that produces absolutely fabulous graphs. Our site would suffer greatly without the availability of this awesome product.
JProfiler The folks at ej-technologies GmbH make an excellent all-in-one Java profiler called JProfiler. Having used JProfiler professionally for many years, we can confidently say that this is a first-rate product. The sales team at ej-technologies GmbH was kind enough to grant open-source licenses to the Avail Foundation, LLC, so that we can continue to improve the performance of the Avail virtual machine.
Gunther Rademacher offers Railroad Diagram Generator, an online syntax diagram generator that has proved indispensable for the illustration of some of Avail's syntactic constructs. This is a great tool that produces fine diagrams surprisingly quickly — especially since it uses only web technologies!
SyntaxHighlighter Alex Gorbatchev makes SyntaxHighlighter, an easy-to-use syntax highlighter written in JavaScript that is configurable for many different programming languages. The unique syntax of Avail means that actually using the syntax coloring feature is not tractable in general, but the line numbers and line highlighting are great for our pedagogical examples.