The Avail Programming Language
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Extended Imports Section

The Extends keyword begins the extended imports section. The contents of this section are zero or more import specifications separated by commas , (U+002C). Any name imported through an import specification is made available for local use in the module body. An extended imports section differs from a private imports section in but a single way: any name imported through an import specification is also re-exported for use by downstream modules.

Here is an example from the tutorial series:

Module "RPN" Uses "Avail" Extends "Avail" = ( "_+_" → "__+", "_-_" → "__-", "_×_" → "__×", "_×_" → "__*", "_÷_" → "__÷", "_÷_" → "__/" ) Entries "RPN_" Body

Via the private imports section, RPN imports every name exported from Avail for private use. Via the extended imports section, it re-exports the basic arithmetic operators under six new names. Because the custom import rules list does not end with a horizontal ellipsis (U+2026), no other names are re-exported.

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