The Avail Programming Language
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Type Lattice

Avail offers an incredibly rich set of primitive types for the programmer to leverage in the design and construction of software at every level of complexity. It is now time to examine these types in detail.
An overview of the Avail type system. any any ⊤--any nontype nontype any--nontype type type any--type atom atom nontype--atom character character nontype--character continuation continuation nontype--continuation fiber fiber nontype--fiber function function nontype--function function implementation function implementation nontype--function implementation map map nontype--map method method nontype--method method definition method definition nontype--method definition module module nontype--module number number nontype--number object object nontype--object phrase phrase nontype--phrase pojo pojo nontype--pojo set set nontype--set token token nontype--token tuple tuple nontype--tuple variable variable nontype--variable type--⊥ atom--⊥ character--⊥ continuation--⊥ fiber--⊥ function--⊥ function implementation--⊥ map--⊥ method--⊥ method definition--⊥ module--⊥ number--⊥ object--⊥ phrase--⊥ pojo--⊥ set--⊥ token--⊥ tuple--⊥ variable--⊥
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