The Avail Programming Language
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Avail type system any any ⊤--any nontype nontype any--nontype phrase phrase = phrase⇒⊤ nontype--phrase declaration phrase declaration phrase phrase--declaration phrase expression phrase expression phrase phrase--expression phrase sequence phrase sequence phrase phrase--sequence phrase argument phrase argument phrase declaration phrase--argument phrase label phrase label phrase declaration phrase--label phrase local constant phrase local constant phrase declaration phrase--local constant phrase local variable phrase local variable phrase declaration phrase--local variable phrase module constant phrase module constant phrase declaration phrase--module constant phrase module variable phrase module variable phrase declaration phrase--module variable phrase primitive failure reason phrase primitive failure reason phrase declaration phrase--primitive failure reason phrase assignment phrase assignment phrase expression phrase--assignment phrase block phrase block phrase expression phrase--block phrase list phrase list phrase expression phrase--list phrase literal phrase literal phrase expression phrase--literal phrase send phrase send phrase expression phrase--send phrase variable reference phrase variable reference phrase expression phrase--variable reference phrase variable use phrase variable use phrase expression phrase--variable use phrase sequence phrase--⊥ argument phrase--⊥ label phrase--⊥ local constant phrase--⊥ local variable phrase--⊥ module constant phrase--⊥ module variable phrase--⊥ primitive failure reason phrase--⊥ assignment phrase--⊥ block phrase--⊥ list phrase--⊥ literal phrase--⊥ send phrase--⊥ variable reference phrase--⊥ variable use phrase--⊥

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