The Avail Programming Language

Hello, World!

As you will discover during your first 20 minutes of browsing the site, we are very long-winded in these parts. But I am going to keep this newsletter short and sweet, because there is far too much to say.

Today is release day, and the Avail programming language is now live. The first released version of Avail is 1.0.0 DEV 2014-04-28. This is the first major development milestone. It is not a production release, and is not recommended for mission-critical use.

Today, we pushed more than one thousand new pages to the website. Most of them are the Avail APIs, which we call the Stacks, in honor of those old-fashioned bastions of learning, libraries[1], that some of us still remember. But also of note:

  • A completely new reference series on modules.
  • A community page, where you can learn about reporting issues, contribute, and correspond with the Avail team.
  • A Unicode cheat sheet, which enumerates all of the non-ASCII symbolic characters used by Avail.
  • A manual for the Avail workbench.
  • A guide to using the Availuator, an Avail expression evaluator.
  • An expression cookbook, containing expressions that are ready to run using the Availuator.
  • A method finder that produces HTML snippets that you can embed in your blogs, should you wish to link to Avail methods documented in the Stacks.
  • Two new tutorials.

Without further ado…

Avail workbench icon: a stylized A next to a hammer, in front of a green oval. Download a binary or source
distribution of Avail!

[1] No, no. Not software libraries. These libraries. Remember? Good.

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